Charlotte grew up by Syracuse New York around the Onondaga and Oneida Nations. From a young age Charlotte was inspired by the sense of responsibility instilled in her by her elders. She has always wanted to honor this responsibility by using her work for the benefit of her community and its future generations.


After spending time in the Headlands Program at the University of Oklahoma, Charlotte chose FDSRP because it provided her with both the chance to gain research experience and shadow M.D.s. She was happy to find that FDSRP not only provided her with experience relevance to her studies, but also with great mentors and a community of peers with common goals and motivations. She formed lifelong friendships with other participants and says she enjoys watching them work to achieve their goals.


Since finishing FDSRP Charlotte graduated from OU and was accepted to the Bridge to PhD program at Columbia University. She is currently working on pre-MRNA 3’end processing and is interested in epigenetic and gene expression in mammalian systems. Her long term goals are to use her education to do research on Native diseases and eventually have young native students working in her lab.


Charlotte says she is most thankful for “being able to sit down and talk about science with respect to the Native community with other Natives scientists and waking up every day to go do what I love to do. I am thankful for each idea, each word, each day.”