Do I have to be Native American to apply to this program?

We encourage all interested students to apply to this program. We required a demonstrated interest and commitment to Native American communities.

I am currently attending a community college with plans of attending a four year program in the fall. Am I eligible?

We require that students are enrolled in a 4-year undergraduate degree program with at least one year completed prior to the start date of the program.

Am I eligible to apply if I attend a tribal college?

We require that students are enrolled in a 4-year undergraduate degree program with at least one year completed prior to the start date of the program.

Is your summer program open to international students?

No. In order to apply, applicants must be a U.S citizen or have a permanent residence visa.


Where do I apply for the program?

The application for the upcoming summer will be available on the Four Directions Home Page in early November. Please take note of the application due dates as well.

What is required in my application?

You will need to complete a personal statement detailing your interest and involvement in the Native American community. Applicants are also required to submit two letters of recommendation.

Is a transcript required?

A copy of your official transcript is not required.

Who should write my letters of recommendation?

We highly recommend that you obtain at least one letter from someone who can attest to your academic achievement. We also ask that one letter come from a mentor who can attest to your involvement or commitment to the Native American community. These letters of recommendation are carefully considered by the reviewers, so please consider carefully who you ask to provide these letters. Please avoid submitting letters written by family members/ relatives.

Can I submit more than two letters of recommendation?

Yes! You may submit as many that you feel would be appropriate or necessary to complement your application.

Will I receive a notification if all of my materials have been sent?

Yes. Periodically, we will send all applicants status emails prior to the deadline about what materials we have received, and what is still missing. You will also be notified once your application is fully complete.

Where should my letters of recommendation be sent?

You should request that your recommenders send his/her letters to the program on your behalf. Please let them know that there are various options.

They can email it to FourDirections@partners.org
Fax it to 617-264-5110
Or mail it to:

Four Directions Summer Research Program
Office for Multicultural Faculty Careers
Center for Faculty Development and Diversity
1620 Tremont Street, 3-014
Boston, MA 02120


What will I be doing at this program?

During the summer, your focus will be to participate in a basic science research project. You will be assigned a faculty mentor who you will work closely with to complete the project over the 8-week summer period.

Will I be allowed to select my Research Mentor?

No. We assign mentors based on the information in your application and our experience working with our research mentors.

What types of activities should I expect?

Aside from your lab work, students will participate in weekly career developmentseminars, weekly talking circles involving other FDSRP students and program leadership; as well as a final research presentation during the final week. This oral presentation will be delivered in front of FDSRP students, directors and other medical school faculty.

Will we have time to explore Boston?

Of course! Everyone at FDSRP works hard to ensure that all participants enjoy themselves while they are attending the program. We plan some group activities such as various tours throughout Boston, a program BBQ, and other sight seeing events. There will be some open weekends where you will have additional free-time to do your own exploring around Boston as well!

Are housing and meals provided?

We provide housing in Vanderbilt Hall – a Harvard Medical School student dormitory. Each student will be housed in a single room. Students are responsible for providing for their own meals. We will occasionally provide lunch or dinner at various program events and activities.