Having grown up on the Hopi reservation in northeastern Arizona, Pearlyn Tomosie had never been out of state when she arrived in Boston for FDSRP.  But she witnessed first hand the need for Native American health professionals and felt the program would was the perfect opportunity for her to gain exposure to the medical fields.


Pearlyn says that her summer in Boston was the most fun summer of her life!  FDSRP helped Pearlyn solidify her goal of becoming a physician and through the program, she met lifelong friends.  She graduated cum laude from Northern Arizona University with a degree in microbiology and a minor in chemistry.  She is now a 2nd year medical student at the University Of North Dakota School Of Medicine, and hopes to return to the Hopi reservation to practice at the local Indian Health Service hospital.  “Seeing my family members being afflicted with diseases that they could not understand has been the main driving force as to why I want to become a physician” says Pearlyn. “I feel that they have given me so much and supported me in all of my achievements, and deserve no less than the best health care.”