The core of the summer experience is a mentored basic science research project, where each student is assigned to a medical school faculty member and engages in a personalized research project that culminates in the preparation of a formal research abstract and oral presentation.

The goal of this project is to expose students to research at a competitive academic institution and highlight their own capability to not only survive in such an environment, but to thrive. The one-on-one faculty mentorship provides an opportunity for students to receive highly individualized instruction and to develop a connection that leads to long term mentoring beyond the initial summer experience.

Example Job Description:

A student in the Four Directions Summer Research would focus on one aspect of a project with the goal of completing a small part of that project by the end of the summer. More specifically, a student may work on growing cells, performing cell culture techniques that allow us to look at changes in gene expression in the cells, then manipulate the system to learn more about how changes in gene expression affect other genes and cellular functions. In addition, a student in the laboratory has exposure to all of the ongoing projects and has the opportunity as well to attend laboratory meetings, division clinical and research conferences, as well as, shadowing clinicians during clinical rounds.