FDSRP will provide you with the essentials to thrive during and after your summer in Boston.

  • Transportation to and from Boston
  • Single rooms in the Harvard Medical School student dormitory
  • Living Stipend for food and other expenses


Joseph Betancourt, MD, MPH – Speaker in Career Development Seminar

Dr. Joseph Betancourt is Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Director of Disparities Solutions Center at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital. His work seeks to indentify and address racial/ethnic disparities in health care., both through research and training of health system leaders working to improve the health of minority communities.

Dr. Betancourt is committed to FDSRP given its unique ability to address the underrepresentation of Native Americans in the health professions, along with this population’s very significant health care needs. He has seen the ability of the FDSRP to advance the careers of committed and promising students. In particular, Dr. Betancourt has been continuosly impressed with the student’s level of dedication to their work, as well as the growth in their confidence over the summer.


Rebecca Baron, MD – Faculty Research Mentor

Dr. Rebecca Baron is Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and has an active research program in the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Division of Pulmonary Medicine. Her laboratory studies lung injury using mouse models and molecular pathways of lung inflammation.

Dr. Baron feels as though the FDSRP research mentors learn as much from the students as she hopes the students learn from the mentors. She sees one of the most important benefits of the FDSRP for students is the creation of many opportunities beyond the initial summer research experience. She can recall FSDRP students that have worked with her and gone on to successfully apply to medical school, and she feels these students have been truly inspired to follow this path by their experience in FDSRP. Importantly, Dr. Baron reports keeping in close contact with the majority of her prior students far after their initial summer research experience.